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Jawaab naq
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Duug Ah 12-19-2018   #1
Ahmad Sabir

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Wuu Maqanyahay
Fulin la'aan Badri Army (7) Pashto and English

Another beautiful gift for the honorable fans of the Manba’ al-Jihad Media for Jihadist Productions.

An exciting seventh video series of Badri Army.
All praise belongs to Allah, abundant praise which is pure and blessed.
This exciting video is exclusively dedicated to the great, thunderous and Martyrdom Seeking attacks that were carried out on the Military Complex of the enemy on (17-10-2017), killing Chief of the Police along with tens of the enemy soldiers while injuring many others.
Following pearls have been catered in this beautiful and exciting video:
1. Videos of the struggle of the imam of jihad and martyrdom Alhaj Molvi Jalaluddin Haqqani (may Allah have mercy on him), his great speeches, opinions of the renowned jihadist personalities and scholars of the world regarding him and condolence message from the prominent front of Martyrdom Seeking regarding the departure of this great hero.
2. Following the trailer, the video respectively contains brief introduction of the Martyrdom Seekers, some meaningful statements regarding the idea of Martyrdom Seeking, Cross crushing and Ummah awakening messages of the Martyrdom Seekers, briefings regarding the targets, Crusade frightening jihadist training, plan for the operation, demonstration of the operation and then execution of the thunderous Martyrdom Seeking attacks on one of the major military and intelligence complexes of the puppet regime at Gardez city of Paktia province.
Following that, the video contains some astonishing confessions and objections regarding the operations. Following that, the video contains some memoirs of the participating Martyrdom Seekers and the video ends with the short but comprehensive message of the esteemed Amir-ul-Muminee Sheikh-ul-Hadith Molvi Hibatullah Akhndzada (may Allah protect him).
3. The video also contain different scenes of cruelties and oppressions of the barbaric crusaders and their puppets against our oppressed (Muslim) nation.
4. The video has been further adorned right from the beginning until the end by the great poems and anasheed of the intellectual stars of jihad.
Manba’ al-Jihad Media for Jihadist Productions hopes that their honorable fans will help in distributing the Badri Army (7), share their thoughts with the organization and will pray Allah SWT to accept this.
May Allah SWT accept this and make it a great source of Islamic da’wah.
Kind regards,
Manba’ al-Jihad Media for Jihadist Productions,
Audio and Visual Sector of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan’s Commission for Cultural Affairs.
Badri Army (7) in Pashto can be downloaded from links below.




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Duug Ah 02-13-2019   #2
Abu Sumayah

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Wuu Maqanyahay
Fulin la'aan

Allahu akbar.
Barakallhu Fek Akhi

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Jawaab naq


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